About 4iQ

Safety is at Stake

4iQ develops technology solutions aligning to our partner’s goals allowing them to innovate, communicate and achieve more.

4iQ believes in:


Our business is successful when our clients trust and rely on our solutions. Placing safety at the top of the list is our primary concern and we understand the challenges of making it your number one priority.


In our world, accuracy matters. We spend countless hours testing and verifying to ensure our solutions provide a foundation in which you can confidently build your business around.


Understanding our partners’ business needs and challenges is at the heart of developing the latest technology in damage prevention.  Composed of industry experts and application architects, experience the confidence working with a team dedicated to precision and accuracy.

Passionate. Driven. Knowledgeable.

Each are characteristics of our group. That said, we like to have fun while in pursuit of our goals.
Jason Adams
Jeff Law
Kyle Murphy
Chief Architect, DigTix
CJ Kowalke
Sales & Marketing, VP
Will McMillan
Director of Sales, DigTix
George Walter
Chief Technology Officer
John Cachat
Chief Architect, Exactix
Sean Bragg
Senior Product Manager, Coursettra
Connie Geiger
Senior Product Manager, Exactix