Dig Safe New England Live with Exactix

In what can only be described as “uneventful”, Dig Safe of New England has successfully converted to the Exactix One Call Platform.  While centers converting to the new platform has become status quo at the 4iQ Solutions headquarters in Columbus, Ohio this conversion introduced some new and unique challenges.  Being the first center that supported multiple states required additional enhancements that were not previously available with the Exactix platform.  In addition, Dig Safe converted from a different platform than the previous 3 conversions.  While all of these challenges are unique, the Exactix team worked diligently with the team from Dig Safe to ensure a successful conversion.

“I cannot express how proud I am of both teams throughout this entire process”  stated 4iQ Solutions president, Jason Adams.  “The hard work of both teams have made this conversion look simple, but when you look behind the curtain, you realize that the hundreds of hours of testing, training and validating really pays dividends on launch day”

This conversion marks the 4th 811 Notification Center to convert to the Exactix platform.  With the addition of Dig Safe and the five states they serve, the total number of states creating the most accurate and safe dig sites in now eight.  In just over one year, the impact of the Exactix platform is hard to ignore.

“Over my 25 year career in Damage Prevention, there has never been a platform like Exactix.  From absolutely nothing to having eight states leveraging the power of 4iQ Solutions is amazing.  But this impact is just the beginning of our solutions for the industry.” – continued Mr. Adams.

But like the previous 3 conversions, the work doesn’t stop for the Exactix team.  Next up is USA811 and the states of Indiana and Kentucky.