The Next Generation is Now

The most Precise and Safe 811 Call Center Notification Solution.
Precise and Safe

Don’t be fooled by the pretenders; Only Exactix ensures the proposed excavation areas are created using our custom Geocoding tools. Other solutions use off the shelf geocoders that are better for delivering a pizza than determining a safe digging zone.

Accuracy in Registration

From uploading real time facility data, to determining where and how dig notifications are distributed, Exactix lets the end user manage the entire process thus reducing the workload of the 811 call center staff.

Cloud-based Security and Performance

Leveraging Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services ensures complete access during the most challenging times. Rest well knowing your system is the hands of the experts.

When Experience Matters, Trust Our Team

No team has advanced the 811 Center notification software more than the members of Exactix. With over 75 combined years of experience and delivering more solutions for the industry than all others, our team continues to set the bar for others to follow.