New York State Legislature Passes Amendment to Code Rule 753 to Increase One-Call Center Education

New York State Increases Safe Digging Best Practices

On Monday, June 18, 2018, New York State Legislature passed Senate Bill S.6756 and Assembly Bill 9985. This is a historical benchmark for the safety of communities and families state-wide. Requiring, any operator or contractor working for a municipality to receive education on safe digging best practices from their local one-call center. The bill will now be delivered to the governor for his signature. Once Governor Andrew Cuomo signs the bill, it will become law in New York State.

With more than 100 billion feet of underground utilities in the United States, the safety of families and communities is jeopardized each day an excavator goes uneducated on the proper safe digging best practices. Currently, Dig Safely New York educates between 13,000 and 16,000 professionals annually; more than 1,000 of which for the last two (2) consecutive years through its Certified Excavator Program (CEP) in Safe Digging Best Practices. The CEP fulfills the amended law’s requirement for a training course.

The 811 on Senate Bill S.6756 and Assembly Bill 9985

What was the largest change? New York State’s General Business Law was amended to include “… any local government (defined as a “county, town [or], city [outside  the  city of New  York or a county within the city of New York] or village.) that contracts with an excavator to excavate underground facilities must require the excavator to complete the one-call notification system training and  education program.” This amendment has led to all local government contracted excavators to become a Certified
Excavator, through Dig Safely New York, Inc.’s Certified Excavator Program. For the official Senate Bill S. 6756, please click here.