Praxair Updates One Call Process

Praxair implements Digtix to modernize damage prevention & asset protection operation

Praxair was using an antiquated one call system that had been in place for more than fifteen years when One Call Specialist, Cody Brist, joined the company.  As Cody recalls, “The old guys liked it.  The young guys worked with it.  However, there was no question we were way behind the 8-ball.”  There were numerous glitches in Praxair’s old system and the information available was unorganized.   “Quite frankly the team was only using it to find a latitude, longitude and provide positive response.” Brist added.

We began the process searching for a partner organization offering a one call ticket management application that could better serve our needs, bring us up to date in the world of asset protection and was continuously pursing innovation in damage prevention.  We went to several organizations and provided each with our requirements and expectations.  A narrowed list of potential vendors were invited in for a software demonstration and proposal submission.  Digtix was Praxair’s vendor of choice at the end of our evaluation process.

“DigTix was our clear winner providing services on a higher levels than any other company we talked to. Customer service, user-friendliness, “one price gets all” mentality and a focus on the future were key decision making factors in our selection.” – Cody Brist, Praxair One Call Specialist

As a Digtix customer, we have solved all of our problems as well as gaining a whole new point of view for things we did not even know we were missing.
DigTix is a very detailed, robust damage prevention application providing features and functions to complete anything and everything I could ask for.  Digtix the most user-friendly program we had seen presented.

The Admin functionality of this program gives you seemingly endless customizable options for your company, region or even work group. I access status metrics, view ticket reports, quickly filter information, query historical data, enable custom ticket alert options and utilize the dispatching functions daily. Everything is very simple and straight forward. This program is definitely a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you may need to handle one call tickets.
The Praxair team is made up of rookies and seasoned veteran locate technicians alike and we are very pleased we’ve implemented Digtix.

Digtix’s easy-to-use screens, filters and search features provide our technicians a simple place to view and easily understand all the data transmitted on a one call ticket. As a result, my team can be confident in the positive response being sent to excavator.

Our pipeline locators save hours each day being able to see and understand everything they need in one place.  It is really nice having all the tools we need in DigTix versus having to use a number of different programs previously required to complete a one call ticket request.