Arizona 811 Partners with 4iQ Solutions to Revolutionize the Damage Prevention Activities in Arizona and Beyond

Next Generation Software

4iQ Solutions, the industry leader in curriculum development and delivery for the damage prevention industry, announces they have been selected to develop the newest 811 ticket creation system for Arizona 811.

With over 50-years of experience in creating solutions for the damage prevention industry, 4iQ Solutions introduced 4iQ Coursettra, their curriculum and certification platform in 2016.  Now, widely accepted as the premier solution for educating the stakeholders of the 811 industry, 4iQ Solutions proudly introduces the next revolution in accuracy and safety for 811 Centers, 4iQ Exactix.

“Our team has been delivering solutions for the damage prevention industry for over 20 years. The combination of technology, experience and great partners has led us to creating the most accurate and safe 811 ticket creation solution available in the industry for today and the next generation of stakeholders,” said Jason Adams, President and CEO of 4iQ Solutions.

Advancing Partnerships

The relationship between 4iQ Solutions and Arizona 811 has been built on years of working together and creating solutions that leverage technology to provide an experience for stakeholders that is unique in the industry today.  The 4iQ curriculum and certification platform will assist in training the excavation community and assure accuracy when creating new 811 tickets in the 4iQ Exactix 811 ticket creation solution.

“We are dedicated to providing our stakeholders with the most accurate and safe way to identify and deliver digging locations. After an extensive review of the marketplace, we are extremely confident that selecting the Exactix system from 4iQ Solutions will allow Arizona 811 to provide the best experience possible for our membership and excavators. We are excited to partner with 4iQ Solutions to build this next generation of 811 system solutions.”

– Sandra Holme, Arizona 811 Executive Director

The Future

Current timelines for migration to the 4iQ Exactix platform are set for Winter of 2019.  Prior to implementation, Arizona 811 members and excavators will be given extensive training in preparation for the transition.  “By leveraging the 4iQ training platform, both the Locate Specialists of Arizona 811 and the web-enabled utility members and excavator users will be completely trained at the highest level of competency to ensure a smooth transition” said Jason.

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