Promote Safety Through Technology

Digtix is designed to meet your specific Damage Prevention & Asset Protection goals and challenges
Multi-Image Upload

We call it ‘Rapid Fire’.  You’ll call it amazing!

Quickly capture and attach multiple field images/video to your ticket automatically while in the field within the Digtix application.

Uploaded images/videos are compressed and include LAT/LONG coordinates and time stamped metadata tags.

Historical Data

Digtix proudly offers over 7+ years of data retention with no data archive limits set.  What does this mean to you?  Great question.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can now review previously located tickets by quickly searching address, street place information.

Reporting & Analytics

Drag-and-drop analytics platform can be leveraged to provide business intelligence data addressing operational and forecasting needs.

In addition to a standard set of reports, Digtix includes Ad-Hoc reporting functions based upon configurable criteria requests.

Quickly generate invoicing, auditing, productivity, compliance and history/log reports.

Ticket Routing

Digtix can optimize your route while considering road closures, traffic flow, distance and drive time.

Enable Multi-stop route planning and hands-free voice navigation from any mobile device.  Digtix also enables fleet tracking functions and reporting for your audit needs.

Risk Assessment

Digtix will automatically calculate risk scores associated with excavators and provide reference  data while viewing tickets.

Consider multiple factors to determine associated risk scores while monitoring excavators working around your underground facilities.



Incident Investigation

DigTix includes an enhanced D.I.R.T. compliant, root cause analysis feature for your team’s incident investigation needs.  

Utilize mapping, diagramming, referencing original ticket data referencing, image file review and automatic reporting are just the beginning of this next generation tool.

Gives you ability to create a unique D.I.R.T compliant data investigation record linking the original ticket data to a form utilizing diagraming, mapping and report generation tools.

Workload Management

Digtix has the capability of reducing headaches associated with managing and distributing ticket workload.

Automatically issue locate requests via assigned regional territories, key word indicators, time and date variable settings.

Business Intelligence

Transform the data you have into the answers you need. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations

Digtix BI (business intelligence), available only for enterprise solutions, puts advanced business and operational analysis at your fingertips.


Chat and share files with employees, excavators, and facility owners via real-time instant message and file sharing module.

Syndicate important announcements across the organization and host live chat room discussions.

Damage Prevention Patrols

The Digtix offers a customizable and configurable work order creation feature used to create and manage specific work order requirements to be generated once the locate request has been completed.

Utility Locate Audits, Critical Asset and Adverse Excavator Patrols are a few examples of paramount measures organizations’ can take to enhance damage prevention efforts and help in achieving safety goals.