DSNY’s CEP certification introduces Coursettra LMS

Dig Safely New York implements Coursettra for Certified Excavator Program

Like many state One Call Centers, Dig Safely New York (DSNY), Inc., was constrained by the personnel resources available within their training and development programs. This meant they needed to get the most out their team through the utilization of a streamlined, smarter process. Coursettra LMS, by 4iQ Solutions, allowed them to build an automated certification program and annual continuing education event enrollment workflow to ensure their excavator community had access to curriculum that promoted safe digging best practices.

“Public awareness and best practice education efforts have always been core/key to our mission at Dig Safely New York. The Coursettra training platform allowed us the opportunity to provide training resources and to extend our outreach access to the members we serve in New York.” – Aimee Milks, Marketing & Public Awareness Manager at Dig Safely New York

In addition to the automated workflows, Coursettra LMS’ bulk action features allowed for quick and easy edits and user creation for both individuals and groups of users, in a fraction of the time. These bulk actions include enrollments, user creation, QR code attendance scanning at seminar events, certification verification tools and more.

“We’ve spent countless budget dollars on public awareness, marketing campaigns, and educational opportunities to spread the vital safety message and education that Dig Safely New York supports. Using the 4iQ competency-based technology, we gain real-time insights into the impact of our training programs and precisely measure effectiveness of our curriculums.” – Kevin Hopper, Executive Director at Dig Safely New York

Annual re-certification for thousands of excavators

Through automated enrollments and certification expiration abilities, DSNY’s Coursettra system automatically enrolls, notifies, and tracks the progress of over 32,000 registered users.   A large majority of these users will participate in continuing education activities as an annual requirement to maintain their Certified Excavator Program certification status.

One consistent message

DSNY’s Certified Excavator Program (CEP) achieved their goal of creating and establishing a standardized curriculum focused on safe digging best practices and presenting it to their stakeholders both in-person and online through Coursettra.  As a result, DSNY’s public awareness and educational efforts are now able to be tracked, monitored for competency gaps and easily administered.  Coursettra provides DSNY the platform they were seeking to facilitate a valuable, consistent and measurable training experience to New York State’s excavation community.

“Since the Certified Excavator Program’s inception in 2015, we’ve continued to expand, promote and show the strength of our efforts. More and more entities took notice as we grew.  On November 5 2018, the New York State Governor signed an amendment to the law governing excavation, requiring specific groups of excavators to receive approved training through their one-call centers.  We have successfully trained and certified over 15,000 people since the law went into effect in 2019.” – Kevin Hopper