The Features You Need

A better understanding of the power of Exactix
Precision Requires Safety and Experience

The most critical part of a 811 Notification Ticket is the definition of the dig site.  The Exactix 811 Solution provides a custom Geo-Coder that was built to deliver extremely accurate dig site notification areas by leveraging multiple types of data when trying to define the site.  Every other product in the market uses commercial geo-coders that have been intended to help a delivery driver get a pizza to your house.

Real Time Membership Registration

The Exactix 811 system allows members to upload their map data to identify where their facility lines exist.  This is done in real time and does not require any interaction from the call center.  In addition, every time a member updates their data, the center may receive a notification as well as the member.  If the member accidentally deletes their data, or updates the system with incorrect data, the member can roll back to a previous version.  From the most complex map files to a simple hand drawn notification area, no system provides the ease of use and precision that Exactix offers.

Leverage Your Data

Making tough decisions without accurate data is a risky proposition.  With Exactix, our open API will allow you to access your critical data within the platform or share it with your other reporting tools like Tableau, Grafana, or any other third party system that supports an open platform.  Its your data, you own it, you report on it.  Its something we take very seriously.

Meet the Future

Today, the most powerful computer we spend most of our time on is our phones.  Exactix leverages that power so that members, excavators and locators can manage, create and respond to 811 notifications using their phone and a simple web browser.  No need to keep a separate app up to date with ever changing requirements.  One set of code keeps all users on all devices in sync.

Expanded Positive Response

An incomplete response leads to potential danger and accidents.  The Exactix solution provides real time interactive voice, text, email and more to make sure everyone is on the same page.  In addition, the ability to submit photos, plans and other critical information provides a complete insight to the dig notification and status.

Quality Assessment and Control

The Exactix Notification system can create the most accurate and precise dig site tickets in the industry.  But to verify that operators and web users are using the tools correctly require constant monitoring.  Now you can integrate the entire process with the Coursettra Assessment system to accurately provide feedback and catch potential issues.

Leverage the Cloud

As the world moves more and more towards leveraging work at home and internet based work forces, only the Exactix platform has been designed specifically for these challenges.  Built from the ground up to use Google and Amazon hosting services will allow your operators and end users to experience a true web based ticket creation solution.  This includes all administrative and GIS challenges.  Don’t be fooled by others making claims for outdated software.

Manage Your Team

Large companies can have many users and even multiple offices all interacting with the call center.  Exactix provides logical management tools that provide the ability to manage users, supervisors, managers and more.  A large organization can compare stats from office to office or person to person.  Finally the ability to manage your whole team!