How a Purple Cow Helps Us Serve our Clients.

Understanding the Passion of Our Team

There are many different kinds of support jobs.  I have worked support for most of my adult life.  Much of it internally for medium sized corporations.  My career goes back a while and includes just about any industry you can think of.  I’ve troubleshot modem strings for dial up connections, and worked on hardware for horse racing tracks.  Helped people get connected to MMORPG game servers, and even assisted government agencies who couldn’t send me screenshots, because their computers held classified information.  A common thread in support jobs is the human aspect of helping people.  People who come to you with a need they are unable to solve on their own.  People in support are in a unique position during these opportunities to serve that need.  In doing so, we become the face of our company, for those we are helping.

Did He Say Purple Cow?

Our daily tasks are usually forgotten in the blur of our work day.  We remember things that stick out because they were out of the ordinary, or possibly stopped working.  You don’t remember all the times you went canoeing and everything went according to plan.  You remember the time someone stood up, capsizing your canoe, your belongings falling into the water.  This goes both ways though.  Events that stay with you can also be positive.  When I am out, I sometimes receive a small gesture from a waiter or sales person that makes my day.  It’s not usually a big thing, most often for me it is a genuine interest in helping.  Perhaps going above and beyond, but not necessarily.  Some companies use random generated combinations as temporary passwords.  Sometimes these wind up being colors and animals.  I used to take this a step further when I could, and email a picture of a purple horse or cow etc…  This light hearted interaction would often be met with a smile or even laughter.  Small actions as they were, they were certainly remembered.  Unexpected service can be very memorable.

We Hope Our Clients Demand the Best.

This is exactly why an encounter with support is important.  People are coming to you when things often aren’t going right.  This is a chance to let them know their need is being heard.  A chance for them to have a good morning, instead of a frustrating one. This is what differentiates a good company from a great company.  When you know that your voice is being heard by a real person who really cares, you feel more confident in finding the resolution that will help you have a better day.  We all know it’s impossible to have bug free software, but knowing that your partner really cares and will work hard to get you back running is just as important than having the best software in the industry. People will forget many things, but people won’t forget how you made them feel.

And just maybe you might get an email with a purple cow.



The Author, John Gayness has been with 4iQ Solutions since July 2019.  He specializes in desktop support for the three current products: Exactix, Digtix and Coursettra.