Idaho’s Digline, Inc. selects 4iQ Solutions’ Exactix One Call to provide new 811 ticket creation software

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug 31, 2022 – 4iQ Solutions, the industry leader in providing premier software technology to the damage prevention industry, announced today they have been selected as the new 811 ticket creation system partner for Idaho Digline, Inc.

“The Digline and 4iQ teams are working together to build a new strategy to improve the quality of the one call ticket, increase the precision of the dig site, and most importantly, improve the safety for stakeholders throughout the State of Idaho,” said Jason Adams, CEO of 4iQ Solutions. “Leveraging the latest technology with Exactix One Call will provide the excavation community in Idaho with the most precise and straightforward platform for creating a dig request.”

With over 50-years of experience serving the damage prevention industry, 4iQ Solutions introduced Coursettra Learning Management System (LMS) in 2016. Coursettra is widely accepted as the leading solution for curriculum, training and education in the 811 industry. 4iQ proudly introduces the next revolution in accuracy and safety for 811 Centers, Exactix One Call. This new software transforms the method and design of current ticket creation platform standards, easing the use for the one-call centers and their customers.

With the introduction of 4iQ’s, Exactix One Call, Digline, Idaho will become the thirteenth state to select this new technology to lead their continued damage prevention efforts. With over 10 million one call tickets created by the Exactix platform annually, Idaho joins the fastest growing and most successful one call platform in the damage prevention industry.

“4iQ was evaluated along with other leading software providers and showed itself to be far above the others in terms of technology and support. Our Digline team is looking forward to sharing this software with the stakeholders in Idaho. We are fully committed to using this platform to bring more efficiency, accuracy and safety to our utility members and excavators,” stated Julie Maki, Digline General Manager.
Digline President, Chuck Page states, “Our goal is to bring the entire State of Idaho a solution that is going to assist in safe construction and growth. We are fortunate in Idaho to have seen incredible growth in the past several years and we want to ensure those helping us build a better future are safe and the infrastructure to build this growth continues.”

The team from 4iQ will be working with Digline staff to develop the software and not only use it to identify and deliver dig requests, but also integrate the software into other aspects of the organization to share data for added personalization, streamline business processes, and value.

“We are extremely excited to build a strong relationship with Digline,” says Jeff Law, 4iQ’s President. “We believe Exactix One Call will deliver the most advanced ticket creation system working with the Digline team. Our strategy of building software solutions by directly interacting with our clients has resulted in creating some of the most powerful tools in the industry.”

4iQ Bio:
4iQ Solutions, LLC is an employee-owned technology company based out in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2012, 4iQ has developed solutions for organizations seeking to leverage their data by providing cloud-based software solutions and services. From advanced curriculum and certification tools used by large industry call centers and universities to specific services built for providing accuracy in the damage prevention effort, 4iQ Solutions continues to move industries forward by working in partnership with our clients during the design and development processes.

The 4iQ Solutions has developed a reputation for delivering the most accurate and safe tools for creating, distributing and managing a dig request in the Damage Prevention Industry. 4iQ Solutions provide premiere software technology platforms to the damage prevention Member Utilities, One Call Centers and Excavators. Exactix One Call, DigTix Ticket Management Solution and Coursettra LMS are designed to eliminate risks to critical underground utilities, predict hazardous events, record highly regulated compliance tasks and educate to achieve competency. Visit for more details.

Digline Bio:
Digline, Inc. was created to provide an efficient notification system for underground utility locate requests and to help underground facility owners comply with the legal requirements of the Idaho Damage Prevention Act. Founded in January 1990, Digline is a key player in Idaho’s underground facilities damage prevention and education processes. Through over three decades of successful, customer-service–focused one-call operation, Digline has established excellent working relationships with member utilities, contractors and locating companies and also maintains an excellent reputation with the public.

We strive to serve our member utilities, assisting them in their efforts to protect Idaho’s citizens and underground facilities. Through communication and education, Digline promotes the safety of all participants in the locating and excavating processes. Visit for more details.